Give Your Toddler the Chance to Grow

Sign them up for ToddlerTown Daycare’s preschool program

Looking for a nurturing environment to prepare your child for kindergarten? Look no further than ToddlerTown Daycare. Our preschool facility opened its doors in 2013. We became a licensed daycare facility in June of this year and have been growing ever since!

Our owner and operator studied Early Childhood Education and developed our preschool curriculum herself. She noted which activities promoted learning in toddlers and which ones helped foster their development, and incorporated these findings into our preschool program. Our staff will carefully evaluate your child to determine their unique style of learning and create a plan to foster their development.

We only take children between the ages of three and five years old. Learn more about ToddlerTown Daycare’s preschool program by calling 518-237-0556 today.

About ToddlerTown Daycare’s owner and operator

ToddlerTown Daycare’s owner is the oldest of 18 kids. She grew up raising her brothers and sisters. She’s been around children her entire life and has a four-year old of her own.

Our owner designed ToddlerTown Daycare’s preschool curriculum to give toddlers a competitive edge before they reach kindergarten. Your little one will receive the one-on-one attention he or she needs to develop independence and social skills.

In addition to our daily preschool program, we also host birthday parties on weekends. Learn more by contacting ToddlerTown Daycare!